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Video: Justin Verlander Lights Don Kelly's Foot On Fire As Prank

Former Twins pitcher Bert Blyleven was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Blyleven is known best for his outstanding pitching, but he was also quite the prankster during his playing days. One of his favorite pranks was the hot foot, which involves a teammate's shoe being set on fire while it's being worn.

As a way to both prank Don Kelly and honor Blyleven, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander pulled off the hot foot prank on Sunday in Minnesota. During the Tigers' final game of the series against the Twins, FS Detroit cameras captured the prank, and posted the video on Monday. Take a look after the jump.

Perhaps the best part of the whole prank is that Kelly was oblivious to the fact that his cleat was on fire for almost 15 seconds. Once he finally realized it, he shook the flame off and Verlander put it out with a cup of water.