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Austin Jackson Will Not Hit Again Until After The All-Star Break

The Tigers are being fastidious with their fast starting center fielder. Due to a tender right wrist, Austin Jackson will not start another game this series against the Royals and will not return to the starting lineup until after the All-Star break next week.

Jackson left yesterday’s game in the third inning with what was deemed merely a sore wrist that obviously isn’t worth risking at this point with the longest break of the season coming up on Monday.

The Tigers did not rule out using Jackson in the latter innings this weekend, though, as a defensive replacement [via MLIVE]:

“If we get a lead and we’ve got an inning or two to play, I’ll just put him in center field and let him play defense,” Leyland said. “If he would have to happen to come up to hit, we’d just pinch-hit for him or let him bunt or do something like that.”

After hitting .291/.355/.774 in June, Jackson was off to a .188/.409/.722 start in July before being pulled from last night’s game.

UPDATE: Austin Jackson pinch ran in the 9th inning of tonight's game, which means that the Tigers are only concerned with Jackson hitting. I imagine this all means we won't see him hit again until after the All-Star break.