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Angels' Jered Weaver Suspended 6 Games For Throwing At Alex Avila

In addition to being ejected right after it happened, Angels pitcher Jered Weaver has now received a suspension for the pitch he intentionally threw in the direction of Alex Avila's head on Sunday. The suspension is six games long and will force Weaver to miss one start.


It's really not surprising Weaver has been suspended given what transpired on Sunday. After Carlos Guillen hit a home run and admired the hell out of it before rounding the bases, both teams were issued a warning. Weaver was noticeably angry with what Guillen did, and this came after Weaver took issue with Magglio Ordonez earlier in the game. Ordonez appeared to be making sure his home run stayed fair, but Weaver thought otherwise, which set off the chain of events in the bottom of the seventh.


Despite the warning after Guillen's home run, Weaver's very next pitch was thrown over Avila's head. Weaver was immediately ejected and threw a hissy fit on his way off the field, shouting in the direction of the Tigers dugout.


Rather than get revenge by striking out the next batter similar to what Justin Verlander did in the top of the eighth inning, Weaver lost his cool and will now have to sit six games as punishment for his actions.