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Tigers Featured In New iPad2 Commercial



Well, it was posted on YouTube by Apple over a week ago, but I saw this particular commercial for the iPad2, which was released in March, for the first time tonight. Around the 13 second mark, there's a clip from a Tigers home game, (as the voiceover says, "[we'll always] ... and cheer for our favorite team"), which I immediately recognized, after seeing the scoreboard, as the game the Tigers were absolutely drubbed by the Red Sox earlier this season.


I had to look up the specifics, but the two and a half second clip is from the May 26 Tigers/Red Sox game this year. The clip shows current Mud Hen Ryan Perry (who gave up four earned runs in 1.1 IP) delivering a pitch to Kevin Youkilis with two on and two out. Youkilis grounds to second before the commercial fades to another scene. (If you're just dying to know how that play turned out, former Tiger Scott Sizemore redeemed himself from an error on the previous play to get the force out at second to end the inning).


Nothing mind blowing here, but it's kind of cool to see the Tigers get some air time in an iPad2 commercial -- it's just too bad they're getting smoked by the too often publicized Red Sox.