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Power Outage At Tropicana Field Delays Start Of Tigers-Rays

Ah, the life of a domed stadium.

Due to a power outage, the start of the Tigers-Rays game was pushed back to approximately 7:30, according to Fox Sports Detroit.

Jason Beck tweeted that the scoreboard lights remained on, so it wasn’t a complete outage.

The lights are now on and it appears the game will indeed be starting shortly.

It’s not clear what caused the outage, but there are storms in the area. However, since “The Trop” is a domed venue that won’t affect the game, assuming the power stays on.

Hurricane Irene is also looming off the coast of Cuba, but it doesn’t appear that the storms were were caused by the hurricane. However, future games in Florida could be adversely affected if the storm stays on it’s current path. The storm is expected to make landfall in the U.S. by Saturday near the Carolina coast and could make it all the way up to New England.