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MLB Standings Update: Turns Out, You Can Mess With Texas

The only thing more impressive than a double-sweep of divisional foes is a triple-sweep of divisional foes. The Tigers should get a prize or something for what they just accomplished. What's that, you do? It's called a divisional championship? Okay, I guess that will do.

Leading the AL Central by 5 1/2 games on Sept. 2, Detroit's lead has surged to a season-high 10 1/2 games over Chicago and 11 on Cleveland after sweeping both of them and Minnesota in consecutive series:

Team Record GB
Detroit 84-62 --
Chicago 73-72 10.5
Cleveland 72-72


Holy moly that is beautiful to look at.

But while the Tigers have been noticeably distancing themselves from Chicago and Cleveland, they've been quietly gaining ground on Texas for second place in the American League. If Detroit stays ahead of Texas, they'd have home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs. In fact, their recent run has put them just 4 1/2 games behind New York for first place in the entire league:

Team Record GB
New York* 88-57 --
Boston 85-61 3.5
Detroit* 84-62 4.5
Texas* 83-64 6
Tampa Bay 81-64 7
LA Angels 80-66 8.5

*Division leader

Detroit is currenlty 1 1/2 games up on the Rangers for that coveted second spot. If the standings hold as is, Detroit would host Boston in the ALDS and Texas would have to go to New York. If the Tigers somehow manage to take the top spot, they'd get the wild-card winner, likely Boston or New York. First place overall is nice, but the team to watch is the Rangers as the wild-card winner has to go on the road regardless of record.