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Tigers Playoff Tickets For ALCS Go On Sale Monday

The Detroit Tigers have already sold out their tickets for the American League Division Series. Now they are turning their attention to selling out their tickets for the American League Championship Series. Tickets for the ALCS go on sale next Monday for four home games, all of which are on an "if necessary" basis right now.


The cheapest tickets for the ALCS are $75. That price will get you standing room only seats or seats at the skyline level. The most expensive tickets cost $170 and are for the on-deck circle.


Fans can buy a maximum of four tickets for ALCS games. The sale starts at 10 a.m. and tickets will be available only by calling (866) 66-TIGER or by getting them on the Tigers' official website.


If the Tigers end up advancing to the ALCS and have homefield advantage, a total of four home games will be possible. If they do not have homefield advantage, only three home games will be possible. Of course, if the Tigers don't advance to the ALCS, all tickets will be refunded.