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MLB Playoffs 2011: Yankees Playoff Roster Announced

The Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees announced their playoff rosters on Friday. You can check out the Tigers' roster here, and the Yankees' roster for the ALDS is below.


CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia, A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, Luis Ayala, Cory Wade, Rafael Soriano, Boone Logan, David Robertson, Mariano Rivera


Russell Martin, Jesus Montero


Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Eric Chavez, Eduardo Nunez


Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, Andruw Jones, Chris Dickerson

Designated Hitter

Jorge Posada

The most interesting thing about the Yankees' roster is that Logan is their only left-handed reliever. Every other reliever on the roster pitches right-handed. In fact, Sabathia and Logan are the only lefties out of the 11 pitchers on the roster for the ALDS.

Nothing else about the roster sticks out to me aside from how much talent there is from top to bottom. There's a reason why they finished with the best record in the AL, and they will provide a tough challenge to the Tigers in the ALDS.