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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Detroit Takes 1st Inning 1-0 Lead On Delmon Young's Opposite Field Home Run

CC Sabathia was dealing after two batters, but like many pitchers when they get the first two outs quickly, Sabathia got a little too comfortable with the three-hitter, Delmon Young, who hit a routine fly ball in every other ball park that sailed out to Yankee Stadium's short porch in right.

Sabathia started the game by striking Austin Jackson out on three pitches, exactly how the Tigers start 83-percent of their games, so that's a good sign. (Okay, that's not a real stat, but that's what it feels like.)

Magglio Ordonez then whiffed on a horrible 1-2 pitch that required Yankees catcher Russell Martin to throw down to first base to complete the out. 

Sabathia got behind Young, though, and made the 1-0 pitch a little too meaty and over the plate. Young poked it to right and, thanks to the Yankees high school dimensions in right, it was able to make it just over the wall and out of the reach of a jumping Nick Swisher.

Miguel Cabrera ended the inning by grounding out to Jeter.

Tigers one and Yankees coming to bat in the bottom half of the first.