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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Rotations Altered By Schedule Change

The Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees were forced to alter their rotations following the suspension of Game 1 of the ALDS on Friday night. The game will be resumed on Saturday night at the scheduled start time of Game 2, and Game 2 has now been moved to Sunday. Because Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia both pitched an inning and two innings, respectively, on Friday, neither player will be able to go for a few days.

Jim Leyland has decided to pitch Doug Fister on Saturday night in the continuation of Game 1. Max Scherzer will get the start on Sunday in Game 2. We will see Justin Verlander again for Game 3 in Detroit on Monday, and if the series goes four or five games, Rick Porcello and Fister will pitch.

For the Yankees, things aren't set in stone beyond Sunday. Ivan Nova will pitch on Saturday in the resumption of Game 1 and Freddy Garcia will go on Sunday. When Sabathia will pitch again is currently to be determined, although it's likely he will get the start on Monday against Verlander. Unless he somehow lobbies his way into starting on Sunday, he won't pitch twice in this series and the Yankees could be forced to start A.J. Burnett.

Here are the updated matchups for the Tigers-Yankees series:

Game 1 (continued): Doug Fister vs. Ivan Nova

Game 2: Max Scherzer vs. Freddy Garcia

Game 3: Justin Verlander vs. TBD (likely CC Sabathia)

Game 4: Rick Porcello vs. TBD

Game 5: Doug Fister vs. TBD