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Detroit Tigers Avoid Arbitration For Rick Porcello

The Tigers have signed young pitcher Rick Porcello to a new one year deal.

The Detroit Tigers have finally begun to get some of their arbitration cases out of the way, with 23-year-old Rick Porcello's being solved first. Porcello agreed to sign a one-year, $3.1 million contract in the end, according to Jason Beck. Keeping the young ace in Detroit for cheap was obviously a top priority for the Tigers; Porcello won't be eligible for MLB's free agency for the next four years anyway, so the money and length of the contract were probably never going to be incredibly high.

The arbitration problem isn't quite over yet for the Tigers. The cases of Max Scherzer, Delmon Young and Don Kelly still have yet to be solved. They'll likely be finished by the end of this week if the Tigers are planning on keeping most or all of those guys around Detroit, though the Tigers reportedly announced this morning that Phil Coke has been signed as well, without many details.

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