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Prince Fielder 'Probably Not A Good Fit' As Detroit Tigers Look To Replace Victor Martinez

The Detroit Tigers sustained a pretty big blow to their 2012 season when it was announced earlier this week that designated hitter Victor Martinez will miss it with an ACL injury. Losing a player to season-ending injury is never a good thing, but it's much worse when it happens to a player that's as important to the Tigers' offense as Martinez.

SB Nation Detroit's own Dave Ryan suggested that the Tigers should sign Vladimir Guerrero, but there are plenty of solid hitters still looking for a team prior to Spring Training. The team commented on one of them Thursday as general manager Dave Dombrowksi responded to a question from Angela Wittrock about Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder.

"Of course we'd consider Prince Fielder," Dombrowski said Thursday afternoon at a stop on the team's Winter Caravan. "But realistically, it's probably not a good fit."

Dombrowski later said he wouldn't address any specific players, meaning Guerrero could still be on the board. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what happens as the Tigers look to replace Martinez over the next few weeks.

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