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Astros Reportedly Talking About Carlos Lee With The Tigers

After re-signing some solid players earlier in the week, it looks like the Detroit Tigers might be looking at some outside players as well.

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports released this tweet a bit earlier today:

To clarify, #Tigers and #Astros have not yet discussed Carlos Lee in depth, sources say.

It sounds like the discussions didn't go particularly far, but it seems to imply that at the very least, the two teams did indeed discuss Astros first baseman Carlos Lee perhaps moving to the Tigers. Lee has a fairly large contract going right now so it would be a bit surprising for Detroit to pick him up at full salary, but there's a chance that Houston eats some of it.

Lee has been with the Astros for quite a while now and a trade to a contender would likely be nice in his eyes as his age continues to advance.

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