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Prince Fielder Contract With Tigers Reportedly Doesn't Include An Opt-Out Clause

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On Tuesday, the Detroit Tigers reportedly agreed to terms on a nine-year, $214 million deal with Prince Fielder, in an effort to replace/lessen the blow of the injury to Victor Martinez. It's a huge contract, even if it is less than the deal that Albert Pujols received from the Angels earlier in the offseason (at $240 million over 10 years). Some more details have been trickling out about the contract, especially from Jon Heyman, who initially reported the signing:

there is no opt out in #prince deal. heard $214M is spread pretty evenly over term. about $23.8M a yr.#tigers

That's a large amount of money per year, but most teams prefer an evenly spread contract. The fact that the deal has no opt-out is worth noting, so there was no selling point for Prince in getting out of Detroit after, say, five years or so. Many recent contracts have included opt-out clauses, which allow players to pursue other deals if they think they can get more than they're set to make on a current deal.

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