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Yoenis Cespedes Rumors: Detroit Tigers Among 6 Teams 'Seriously Negotiating' With Cuban Free Agent

After the Detroit Tigers signed Prince Fielder to a nine-year, $214 million deal last week, GM Dave Dombrowski said the team was "pretty well set" and "most likely" out of the Yoenis Cespedes sweepstakes. Of course, Dombrowski also said that Fielder was not a good fit, which is why it comes as zero surprise to hear that the Tigers are one of the six reported teams talking turkey with the highly touted Cuban free agent [via MLIVE]

The Tigers have been in serious talks with Cespedes and his agent, Adam Katz, former Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden reported late Monday.

According to Bowden, Cespedes is expected to travel to the United States in the next 7-10 days for face-to-face meetings. It is unclear if the 26-year-old Cespedes is scheduled to meet with Tigers officials.

Detroit is among a six clubs "seriously negotiating" with Katz, Bowden said. The Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles were also identified.

At the beginning of December, it was reported that the Tigers were amongst the teams most interested in Cespedes' services and that doesn't appear to have changed any with the Fielder signing. Dombrowski and the Tigers want the fans to believe the lineup is "pretty well set," but that's just a defense mechanism to keep everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy inside if they don't land Cespedes. In reality, the Tigers could still benefit from a DH or a better defensive outfielder (and moving Delmon Young to DH). It really sounds like Mr. Ilitch is peacocking and I love it.

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