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PHOTO: Rendering Of Comerica Park's New Scoreboard

When the Winter Classic press conference was held at Comerica Park last week, we got a chance to see the work that had been done on the scoreboard in left field. Actually, I should say we got to see that the scoreboard has been stripped down to nothing but the structure. As part of the renovation currently going on, the scoreboard is being replaced with a brand new LED system, and the Tigers released more details on the project on Thursday.

Comerica's newest feature, which will boast 6,000 square feet of high-definition video and graphics, is poised to become the fourth-biggest video board in Major League Baseball. And as workers put together the new board on the corner of Brush and Adams, it's the biggest project the stadium has seen -- aside from the team itself -- since the Tigers moved in the fences and moved the bullpens in the mid 2000s.

A rendering of what the new scoreboard will look like can be seen after the jump.


The old Comerica Park scoreboard was quite large in its own right, but it added very little to the experience of watching a Tigers game. This is because only a small portion of the scoreboard featured video, and the video was not very good quality.

It's good to see that the new scoreboard will have a big section dedicated to video and will be in HD. This will add a lot to the game day experience at Comerica Park, as all of the boards in Comerica will now be LED.

(Side note: The tiger statues on top of the scoreboard are currently being refurbished in Connecticut. You can check out a story on them in the Connecticut Post.)