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Tony La Russa Will Assist In Detroit Tigers Spring Training

The Detroit Tigers are going to get some pretty big help during spring training, according to the official MLB website. Even if he doesn't say or do a whole lot, anything that Tony La Russa can offer should be accepted. La Russa is going to spend this spring training with the Tigers in a non-official capacity, according to Jim Leyland on Thursday.

"Tony's going to be down for a couple weeks," Leyland said. "He's going to work with Dave [Dombrowski] in the front office, and he's going over to Jupiter for a few days and then go out to Arizona for a few days. He will not be in uniform."

There's a good amount of reciprocation here, as La Russa was the one who hired Leyland to his coaching staff back in 1982 with the White Sox. Leyland eventually went on to manage in the majors and has done pretty well for himself, wouldn't you say? La Russa recently retired following the Wold Series victory, and has been rumored to have his eye on a front office job.

This is all just a trial for La Russa, who won't have any expectations or official titles, but will give him an opportunity to see is something in regards to the front office is what he wants for his future. It's hard to imagine baseball without him at this point.

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