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Brandon Inge Pumped For Second Base Opportunity With Tigers

This Saturday the Detroit Tigers will hit the field against the Atlanta Braves for their first exhibition game against a major league squad. Starting at second base will be none other than Brandon Inge, a mere weeks after being squeezed out at third by the Prince Fielder mega-signing.


Instead of being bitter about the way things have gone down, Inge is now on a personal mission to win the second base competition and remain in the day-to-day lineup. "I'm in the best shape of my life by far," Inge told the Detroit News. "To say I'm excited to get out there is an understatement."


While his quest to stay on the field will ultimately come down to his consistency at the plate, Inge can certainly win a good deal of support if he impresses as expected on defense in the coming weeks. And from sound of things, he's going to let it all hang out as the most versatile player in the Tigers' defensive infield. "I don't care where it is," Inge said. "Everybody better watch out because I'm going after everything."