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Miguel Cabrera Injury: Tigers 3B Hit In Face By Ball

The Detroit Tigers are presently taking on the Philadelphia Phillies as per their exhibition season. Among the things they're looking for is continued improvement by Miguel Cabrera, but it looks like that's about hit a snag. During the first inning, Cabrera took a one-hopper to his face, hitting him in or just below his right eye. Nobody is quite sure just how serious the injury is in regards to recovery and things like that since it just happened, but there is something pretty noteworthy to go buy initially.

Blood. Lots and lots of it. His face was bleeding profusely and he left the game. Cabrera was playing at third base, where most are of the opinion he doesn't belong, and this will just add to that. It won't add to it in any tangible way since it was just a ball that hit him in the face and some horribly mis-played situation, but it seems like the guy, who has essentially been forced to change positions, can't catch a break.

There's not a ton in the way of video or images, but we've got a rather crude image here. You can't see a whole lot and it's grainy, but at least you can tell there is a pretty sizable gash he's got going on.

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