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Tigers Spring Training: Detroit Faces First Game On Friday Against Florida Southern Mocs

It's certainly not a major game -- heck, it's not even against a Major League team -- but the Detroit Tigers can finally look forward to starting off their Spring Training game schedule on Friday. They'll be taking on the Florida Southern College Mocs for their first game, a traditional match for the Mocs during the spring.

The Mocs are a successful Division II team, last winning the NCAA title back in 2005. The Tigers might not play their full strength squad against FSC, but it will be good to see baseball starting back up again in any regard.

The Grapefruit League will begin in full for the Tigers against MLB competition on Sunday when they face the Atlanta Braves. A full schedule for the Tigers spring training games can be found here, along with tickets if you happen to be in Lakeland, Florida.

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