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Miguel Cabrera Injury: Tigers 3B Expects To Play Opening Day

The Detroit Tigers suffered a pretty big scare when third baseman Miguel Cabrera took a baseball to his right eye and bled ... a lot. Turns out, it was "just" a small fracture and Cabrera has been on the road to recovery. There's a lot to be cautious about with that kind of injury, as too much activity during the healing process can really mess up your orbital socket and things of that nature, but it's looking like Cabrera could be ready by Opening Day, or soon after.

Cabrera himself believes that he'll be ready to go on April 5 (that's Opening Day, if you're just tuning in), regardless. According to the Tigers blog for MLB Blogs, Cabrera says not to worry:

"I'll be ready. Don't worry," Cabrera said.

Cabrera said he has no pain in his right eye. The swelling is down, and he said his vision is fine. The only signs of lingering damage from the high-hopper he took a week ago are the stitches and the scar under his right eye.

He'll be looked at again on Tuesday, and that will decide whether he gets clearance or not, but Cabrera is adamant that he'll be playing. If he's not ready to go on Opening Day, all signs point to him being ready to go soon after that point. It's unlikely he'd be held back by the medical staff for much longer than that.

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