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Victor Martinez Injury: Tigers DH Didn't Have ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Detroit Tigers DH Victor Martinez was expected to have complete reconstructive surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament on April 4 after tearing it during offseason training in January.

As reported by, the Tigers have announced that rather than opt for the full reconstructive surgery, the doctor on the case decided a week ago to do a more minor procedure to help with the healing of the ACL. Instead of keeping Martinez out for the entire season with a full surgery, this pushes back his recovery time to about seven months from January, meaning that Victor could potentially be back in business by August or September.

The Tigers have obviously been doing fine without him, currently standing as the only unbeaten team in the AL, but it's never a bad thing to know that your star hitter might not miss a complete season. Victor hit for a .330 average last season for the Tigers, slugging 103 RBI and 12 home runs.

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