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Tigers Vs. White Sox: Detroit Looks To Keep Strong Season Going As Series Starts Against Chicago

The Detroit Tigers will start a series against the Chicago White Sox on Friday.

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The Detroit Tigers (5-1) will look to spoil the Chicago White Sox's (3-2) home opener on Friday. The Sox have had one good series and one mediocre series so far in the young season waiting to come back home, but the hot Tigers are probably not the team they were hoping to see welcoming them to

Detroit has certainly had no problems with offense in the young season, but the Tigers will get a bit of a boost -- to morale if nothing else -- with Brandon Inge returning from his short DL stint to likely take back over his job at second base. Not that the offense has needed any help, they've put up more than five runs in all but two of their games so far.

Right handed Max Scherzer, owner of an impressive 23.63 ERA, will take the mound for the Tigers. That ERA came from seven runs allowed in fewer than three innings of work in his first game against the Boston Red Sox. He avoided the loss when the Tigers came back in heroic fashion to win 13-12. He will face Jake Peavy, current owner of a 4.50 ERA and no decisions as of yet.

The game will be at U.S. Cellular Field at 2:10 p.m. ET.

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