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Tigers Outfielder Delmon Young Arrested After Hotel Fight

Detroit Tigers slugger Delmon Young has been arrested after being caught in a brawl while intoxicated at a New York hotel.

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Detroit Tigers slugger and outfielder Delmon Young has started off the 2012 MLB season with a mediocre performance on the diamond, hitting only .242 with a single home run going into the Tigers next series against the New York Yankees.

Very early Friday morning, his season got considerably worse as he was arrested for instigating a brawl in a New York hotel. Sources indicated that Young at the time was 'highly intoxicated' and had to go to a hospital after being arrested for pushing a man to the ground so he could sober up before being taken to the police.

The man that Young pushed to the ground fortunately had no major injuries, just some minor scratches on his arm which were treated at the scene.

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