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Tigers' OF Delmon Young Could Face Hate Crime Charges

After being arrested for instigating a brawl outside his New York City hotel early Friday morning, it is now believed that Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young may be charged with a hate crime as a result of the assault.

According to a report by the Detroit Free Press, Young engaged in an altercation with four men and a panhandler wearing a yarmulke, which is a skullcap worn by conservative and orthodox Jewish males. After an argument ensued, the panhandler left and Young followed one of the men into the hotel and continued the verbal dispute.

It is still unclear as to what was said or what started the altercation. Via the Free Press:

"Basically, there was an incident at the hotel (and) some anti-Semitic remarks," said Detective Joseph Cavitolo.

It is still unclear whether the victim is actually Jewish, but Cavitolo confirmed alcohol was involved.

As of Friday afternoon, Young was expected to face a charge of "aggravated harassment hate crime" and should be processed through central booking later on Friday.

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