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Delmon Young Arrest: Dave Dombrowski Says Tigers' LF Will Play When Cleared

Before the Detroit Tigers' win on Saturday afternoon, General Manager Dave Dombrowski spoke briefly with the media about the arrest of his left fielder Delmon Young, who is facing a hate crime harassment charge following an alleged incident early Friday morning that led to his arrest.

"All I know, and I was there, is that the person was not in a very good state as far as his sobriety," Dombrowski said. "That is not a good situation. That's all I know. I do know that he was in a skirmish. I do know that. Beyond that, I don't know anything else. Those situations themselves are concerning and not what you would like to see.

"If the allegations are true, that is also concerning and not something you would like to see happen." [...]

"I do know that some things that have been written are not accurate," he said. "I do know that. I'm not going to get into what they are and what they are not. But I do wholeheartedly know that because I read some articles in the paper this morning that are not accurate." [...]

"I know he's extremely remorseful, extremely apologetic," Dombrowski said. "Of course, you read his statements. I saw him at that point yesterday morning. He was apologetic at that time, although not in a very good state. But later on, he reached out to me and the organization, so I know that he's very apologetic and that there's no excuse for what he did."

Young will be evaluated on Monday and Dombrowski stressed that if he is cleared he will play.

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