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Delmon Young Arrest: Tigers Slugger To Be Suspended, According To Report

The Detroit Tigers will be without outfielder Delmon Young for a bit longer than they've benched him for. The New York Post is reporting that Young will be suspended by the MLB for recent events that led to his arrest. It's unclear how long the suspension will last, but the report does site an incident that saw Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell suspended for two weeks after making homophobic slurs and using "foul language" towards San Francisco Giants fans in May.

That's comparable given the allegations against Young, which include hate crime harassment charges after shouting anti-Semitic phrases and allegedly shoving a tourist on Friday. Young's situation is a bit more serious of course, especially if anything comes of the shoving allegations. That being said, Young could still return - as it's been made clear that he'll return to the lineup if cleared to play.

Young was benched by the Tigers on Sunday and placed on the restricted list after being released on $5,000 bail on Friday night. According to the report, Young will undergo an alcohol and anger evaluation on Monday.