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Tigers Opening Day 2012: Prince Fielder Singles In First At Bat

The 2012 Major League Baseball season is underway in Motown, and a pair of World Series contenders, the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox, are each battling it out in search of starting the year off in the win column. After two and a half innings, the two teams have been unable to send a man across the plate, and are tied 0-0.

In his first career at bat with the Tigers in the second inning, All-Star first baseman Prince Fielder gave fans a nice sign of things to come as he singled to right field against Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester. Fielder's hit was met with heavy applause from the elated fans lining the seats of Comerica Park.

On the hill for the Tigers, 2011 MVP winner Justin Verlander has been as filthy as expected with three strikeouts and only one hit allowed after three innings.

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