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Ex-Tiger Dmitri Young Apologized To Younger Brother Delmon Young For 'Showing Him The Wrong Way'

A lot has been written about the Delmon Young arrest and subsequent punishment. Everyone has an opinion, but the most intriguing perspective might come from his older brother and former Tiger Dmitri Young [via Tony Paul at The Detroit News]:

"I look at it from this standpoint," said Young, 38, who hit .292 in a 13-year major league career, including five mostly productive seasons in Detroit. "Maybe some of my actions growing up and being a big league ballplayer may have been the wrong thing to show him, in a sense of the invincibility factor.

"And so what he learned is what he saw. So I have apologized to him for showing him the wrong way."

Dmitri Young struggled with alcohol and substance abuse throughout his career which culminated in his release from the Tigers just before the team made their first trip to the playoffs in 19 years. Dmitri is now clean and is helping teach children about a better work ethic and living a healthy lifestyle. Paul's article is definitely worth a read in its entirety.

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