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PHOTO: Son Jabs Father With 'Idiot' Sign At Tigers-White Sox Game

There's nothing better than seeing two opposing fans forced to sit next to each other at a sporting event. But well-prepared inter-family rivalries can often be just as entertaining, and this photo from Tuesday's Tigers vs. White Sox game was a prime example of why. (Via @WorldofIsaac)


The Cardinals shirt is puzzling to be sure, but these all-too-conveniently-placed signs worked like a charm as FSN Detroit's cameras caught them in the 7th inning. And let's be honest, the execution here was impeccable. It's also win-win situation for both sides too. The son gets to call his dad an idiot, while the dad gets to hold pro Tigers sign on live television. And now they're immortalized on the internet. Double win.


Thankfully the father had the last laugh as Detroit won the game 10-8, but this youngster, despite being a Sox fan, really looks to have a promising career of sign-making ahead of him. Provided he cleans up his language, of course.