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VIDEO: Tigers Continue To Torment Hawk Harrelson

Just 11 days ago, Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson provided a memorable call of a walk-off home run by the Detroit Tigers by not even actually making a call. The walk-off homer by the Tigers left Harrelson in stunned silence for a minute, and it was nice to not hear him for a change.

On Tuesday afternoon in Chicago, the White Sox nearly hit a walk-off home run of their own to cap off a comeback in the ninth inning against the Tigers. When contact was initially made by Dayan Viciedo, it seemed like the Tigers were about to experience a disaster of a finish. Instead, however, the ball came down just in front of the right field fence, and Brennan Boesch made the catch for the Tigers. Just like that, the game was over, and the Tigers escaped with a 10-8 victory.

As if that wasn't good enough, we got another classic call from Harrelson, who was quite upset that the ball didn't carry out for a home run. Check it out:

(Via Awful Announcing)