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Miguel Cabrera Takes Out Frustrations On Gum Bucket

Miguel Cabrera has been better at third base than any reasonable Tigers fan could have expected. Cabrera has taken a lot of pride in his "new" role, shedding over 20 pounds during the offseason and taking inordinate amounts of grounders to the point where his early struggles at the plate this season concerned some that he spent too much time on his fielding.

On Wednesday night against the Twins, he channeled Scott Brosius in his prime and made a fantastic barehanded play while simultaneously spoon-feeding warm crow in the mouths of anyone who doubted him. Unfortunately, the very next inning, after reaching to his left and snagging a line drive, Cabrera sailed a throw to double off Ryan Doumit to the tarp, allowing the runners on base to re-touch and advance.

Unlike the Tigers' other three errors in the game, which cost the Tigers four runs, Cabrera's didn't cost the Tigers any, but that didn't matter to Cabrera; he was still upset with himself when he got back to the dugout and he let the bucket of bubble gum know about it:

And here's a GIF of him THROWING IT ON THE GROUND. What is this -- sugar free? I'm an adult!