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VIDEO: Quintin Berry's Diving Catch Vs. Twins

Quintin Berry has made history with the Tigers in his first five games in the big leagues, but perhaps the best thing he has done in his short stint with the team thus far has been on the defensive side of things.

With the Tigers trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the eighth of Sunday's game and a Twin on third base with two outs, Jamey Carroll hit a screaming line drive to center that looked like trouble. Berry appeared to misplay the tailing liner at first, but recovered well enough to be able to dive back over his left shoulder to make a fantastic grab.

After the ninth inning, in which Berry collected his third hit of the game and second stolen base before scoring on Miguel Cabrera's game-winning home run, one can look back on Berry's catch and argue reasonably that it was a game saver. If Berry doesn't make that catch, one run scores and perhaps Carroll rounds the bases for an inside the park home run to give the Twins a three-run lead.