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VIDEO: Bill Welke Blows Call In Tigers-Red Sox Game

With the game tied 1-1 in the bottom of the second inning, it looked like Doug Fister was going to escape the inning with a strike out, leaving a runner stranded on second. However, home plate umpire Jeff Nelson appealed his call to first base umpire Bill Welke on this foul-tipped strike three that cleanly landed in Gerald Laird's glove (gif via Walkoff Woodward):


Welke said the ball hit the dirt and, thus, Mike Aviles' at bat would live on.

This will help you see that the ball never touches the dirt (it might not have even been a foul tip):

As you know, Doug Fister went on to give up three runs in the inning with two outs before finally recording the third out. Jim Leyland and third base coach Gene Lamont were ejected for arguing the call in between innings. The Tigers wound up losing by three runs.

After the game, Jim Leyland ranted that he wanted the umpires to be held accountable by the media. The umpires saw replays of their mistake and admitted they botched the call.

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