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Tigers Vs. Red Sox: Justin Verlander's Consecutive Starts Of At Least 6 Innings In Jeopardy?

Justin Verlander has gone at least six innings in his last 52 regular season starts. That streak might be on the line in Boston on Tuesday night.

Daniel Nava opened up the game in the fourth inning by lacing a 3-2 pitch to left field in the bottom of the fourth inning to score all three base runners. The Red Sox have four earned runs in all against Verlander, the most he has allowed in a regular season start since his final start of his MVP season a year ago. In 34 starts in 2011, Verlander allowed at least four earned runs six times.

Entering the fifth inning, Verlander is at 74 pitches and the Red Sox lineup isn't one to pull any punches. Further, the rain clouds are headed for Fenway and could delay the game, which would certainly end Verlander's night.

The Tigers trail the Red Sox 4-1 in the bottom of the fifth inning.

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