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Ryan Raburn Demoted To Triple-A, Corresponding Move Coming Wednesday

Before Tuesday night's game, Jim Leyland said that Ryan Raburn's leash was short. This is how short Raburn's leash was:

Raburn has been a perpetual second half hitter in his career (.300/.351/.847 vs. .214/.273/.642), but Leyland was hoping to spark the magic a little bit earlier this season. Raburn rewarded Leyland's loyalty with a .146/.209/.420 hitting line in 135 plate appearances as the starting second baseman.

As to who the Tigers will call up, any guess is probably as good as mine. Leyland said that it most likely will NOT be a 2B and that Danny Worth and Ramon Santiago will split starts for the time being. That rules out Eric Patterson or Justin Henry from the Mud Hens.

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