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Doug Fister Injury: Pitcher's 2nd DL Stint Will Be Shorter, Tigers Trainer Reports

Doug Fister's second stint on the disabled list won't last as long as his first, according to Detroit Tigers trainer Kevin Rand. Fister underwent an MRI on his strained left side Wednesday, and results showed that fluid had reappeared in the area. Nonetheless, Rand said that he does not anticipate the starting pitcher missing a month like he did beginning in April.

"From our standpoint, we were looking for two things," Rand said. "We were trying to rule out stress reaction in the bone, or we were trying to rule out if there was any new damage done. You would see acute bleeding if that was the case. We did not see any of that, so that was all good."

Rand did say that the injury had not fully resolved, necessitating another turn on the DL to let things "cool down." Fister initially sustained the injury, dubbed a "left condochostral strain," on April 7. He was forced to leave a game against the Boston Red Sox in obvious pain off the mound.

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