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Alex Avila Injury: Tigers Catcher Exits Game After Taking Foul Ball Off Mask

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila was forced to leave early from Thursday night's game against the Red Sox after a foul ball off his mask caused a laceration to the bridge of his nose.

Here's a screen cap of the blood dripping down his face as a result of the cut:


Trainer Kevin Rand came out onto the field to clean up Avila, like a boxer between rounds, but it wasn't long before Avila started walking with Rand (and Leyland) off the field to the clubby.

The Boston broadcast team speculated that Avila might need stitches. However, they also noticed and mentioned that Avila looked woozy. This is worrisome, of course, because it's possible Avila could have a concussion. Concussion injuries are taken very seriously nowadays. Cleveland Indians catcher Carlos Santana was recently placed on the relatively new seven-day DL for concussions after a similar foul tip. Hopefully, this is just a case where Avila needs a couple stitches and he'll be back in the lineup in the next couple days.

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