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MLB Trade Rumors: Tigers Not Yet Showing Interest In DH Jim Thome

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There's already been a few rumors regarding the Detroit Tigers and their need for another bat. Some have talked about Carlos Quentin, while others have mentioned the resurgent Jim Thome. That being said, it doesn't look like a deal for Thome is necessarily in the works. According to the Detroit Free Press, there doesn't seem to be any indication the Tigers have expressed any interest:

But if Thome is going to return to the American League, it doesn't appear it will be with the Detroit Tigers. When Thome was in the midst of his hot streak last week, there wasn't any indication the Tigers were interested in obtaining their longtime tormentor.

As noted in the piece, the Tigers have said they're on the lookout for right-handed hitting, and Thome is a lefty. On top of that, Thome is a designated hitter, which means the Tigers would have to get rid of somebody who can play defense to make room for him.

But he is on an impressive run. He played nine games at DH in interleague play and drove in 14 runs and hit four homeruns. Under National League rules, Thome is 2-for-20 with no runs batted in. You can't ignore numbers like that, and if nothing pans out for the Tigers, they could fall back on being interested in Thome, but as it stands now, there's reportedly no interest from their side.

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