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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Lineups For Saturday's Game

The Tigers are trying to bounce back from a 9-4 defeat on Friday night, in which Miguel Cabrera grounded into a double play to end the game with the bases loaded and Prince Fielder waiting on deck.

The Tigers have a slew of injuries right now, making lineup decisions pretty tough on skipper Jim Leyland. Andy Dirks will again miss Saturday's game with an achilles injury and he could be headed to the DL. Don Kelly is in the lineup and playing LF. It was rumored on Friday that he may be getting cut, so this could be his one-last hoo-rah.

Here is the full Tigers lineup for Saturday night's game:

1. Quintin Berry (L) CF

2. Danny Worth (R) 2B

3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 3B

4. Prince Fielder (L) 1B

5. Delmon Young (R) DH

6. Alex Avila (L) C

7. Jhonny Peralta (R) SS

8. Brennan Boesch (L) RF

9. Don Kelly (L) LF

Rick Porcello is on the mound.

Yankees lineup:

1. Jeter (R) SS

2. Granderson (L) CF

3. Rodriguez (R) 3B

4. Cano (L) 2B

5. Teixeira (S) 1B

6. Ibanez (L) LF

7. Swisher (S) RF

8. Chavez (L) DH

9. Martin (R) C

Kuroda is on the mound for the Yankees.

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