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Victor Martinez Injury: Tigers DH Could Return By August, According To Team Owner

Any good news is great news when it comes to torn ACLs, and the story of Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez has steadily been getting better since he tore his left ACL back in January.

Originally, the story was that Martinez would miss the entire 2012 season, but he was able to get a more minor procedure than the regular ACL surgery, one that was going to knock his rehab down to the point where his return date was said to be as early as September.

Now, it looks like Martinez might be back on the squad by August, and the source is someone who knows quite a bit about the Tigers -- owner Mike Ilitch:

"We’re getting our players back. We got a good report on (Martinez’s knee injury). He’s coming along a little faster. Instead of September, maybe we’ll have him in August. And then we’ll have a lineup that’ll be really good."

With the Tigers struggling a bit this season despite huge expectations, getting Martinez and his great hitting back into the lineup ASAP would be a great thing.

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