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Bryan Holaday Called Up By Tigers, Alex Avila Could Head To DL

According to a report by Toledo Mud Hens blog Coop Scoop, the Detroit Tigers have elected to call up catcher Bryan Holaday from their system to the big league. Holaday is a former sixth round pick by the Tigers and was playing in his first season of AAA level baseball this year before being called up.

It's interesting the way he got the information as well, according to the story he provided to go along with it:

I was leaving Fifth Third Field about 11:30 and walking back to the parking lot where the players and coaches park. As I'm walking, I see a familiar figure: Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin. Soon I realize he is talking with a player, and I realize it's Holaday.

Holaday walks quickly to his car and as I walk up to Nevin, he tells me, "Bryan Holaday just got called up to the big leagues.

The call up of Holaday could mean that the Tigers are planning on sending injured catcher Alex Avila to the disabled list with a still lingering injury. It would need to depend on how bad the injury is looking for the future though to determine whether he would get stashed on the 15 or 60 day DL.

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