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2012 MLB Draft Order: Tigers Select 26th In Every Round On Day 3

The first day of the MLB draft was quite boring if you happened to be a Detroit Tigers fan, as they had to wait until halfway through the second round before they got to their first pick. As the draft starts to get into the later stages past the top 15 rounds, we can expect a lot more names to be flying for all the teams in the league as everyone searches for the next Jose Bautista (you can insert whatever low drafted player that turned out to be great that you want here, of course) in the high rounds.

The Tigers will make the 26th selection in every round remaining in the draft, as the draft order dictates after round four that every round will be exactly the same format.

Coverage of the third day of draft action will begin, just like it did on Tuesday, at 12 p.m. Eastern time with the best live coverage being provided on

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