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Tigers Draft Picks 2012: Detroit Focuses On College Players, But High Schoolers Have Big Upside

As they did in 2011, the Detroit Tigers focused on college players in the MLB First-Year Player Draft.

Last year Detroit took 35 college players out of 49 picks. This year it was an even higher percentage -- 29 out of 39.

But according to, it's a pair of high school players that have the club most excited.

...Both are committed to college, but if they sign, they're the two picks the club was most excited about.

Right-hander Jake Thompson and shortstop/outfielder Austin Schotts were drafted in the second and third rounds, respectively. Thompson was taken at No. 91 overall, and Schotts at No. 121. Both come out of high schools in Texas....

"He went like 70 innings, punched out 130-140," [team vice president David] Chadd said on Thompson. "[He's got a] low walk rate, fastball up to 94 that settles in at 92-93, good slider, good changeup and has that air about him of confidence."

All told the team took 22 pitchers, eight outfields, five infielders and three catchers.

This year the Tigers used five of their first six picks on pitchers, whereas in 2011 they used 10 of their first 11 on hitters.

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