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2012 MLB All-Star Game: Justin Verlander's Start Historically Bad

We all know that Justin Verlander's start in the 2012 MLB All-Star Game was bad. It turns out that his one inning of work, while immensely entertaining to watch (especially if you're a fan of an NL team!) was historically disastrous. Five runs were given up by Verlander in only one inning, and the only real highlight was up on the speed gun screen where triple digits kept flashing. put out a little piece detailing every start in the history of the All-Star Game by a Detroit Tigers pitcher, and it's easy to compare all of them and put Verlander's start at the bottom. Hal Newhouser, Denny McLain, Jack Morris, Kenny Rogers and Mark Fidrych were the other Tigers starters in question and only Fidrych came close to Verlander's start:

In his lone All-Star start, Fidrych struggled from the get-go, giving up a leadoff single before serving a standup triple to Steve Garvey. A two-time All-Star, Fidrych didn't return after two innings, giving up two runs on four hits -- striking out one.

Turns out that it might have been historically bad for the ASG in general, not just among the various Tigers pitchers that have taken the mound:

He became only the third pitcher in All-Star Game history to allow five-plus runs in one or fewer innings pitched, joining Atlee Hammaker (1983) and Sandy Consuegra (1954).

But hey, he did hit 101 miles per hour and gave the fans a show. He's said already that's what was really important about the whole thing. It's not like his talent is going to be questioned simply because he got roughed up in an exhibition game.

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