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MLB Trade Rumors: Tigers Scouting Marco Scutaro From Rockies

There were a handful of scouts at Coors Field to watch game three of the series between the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday, all there to check out trade candidates for their teams. Most of those scouts were there to look at Cole Hamels from the Phillies, who has been rumored for a while to be on the trade block.

Not the Tigers' scout. According to Root Sports' Tracy Ringolsby, they had sent a scout to check out second baseman and journeyman hitter Marco Scutaro.

Scutero has been moderately good at the plate -- though less so defensively with his glove -- this season for the dismal Rockies, hitting .275/.325/.370 with four home runs. The Tigers would likely not have to give up too much in a potential trade for the second baseman.

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