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Bomb Threat Made Against Comerica Park During Tuesday's Tigers Game

The third time a comparable threat has surfaced against Detroit locations over the last five days alone, WXYZ is reporting that a bomb threat was called into 911 during Tuesday's Tigers-Angels game at Comerica Park.


Don Johnson, Inspector of Detroit's Homeland Security, and his team of officers made the rounds at the park to check for anything unusual, but ultimately made the decision not to evacuate the stadium and call in a bomb squad. The 41,255-capacity park opened in April of 2000, and has been a popular attraction for both baseball purists and families due to its numerous and varied amount of attractions.


Now a serious issue for local authorities at the moment, the Ambassador Bridge was actually shut down for five hours on Monday after a similar threat caused a massive delay, while the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel suffered the same fate for four and a half hours last week. Although each one of these threats has ended up being a hoax, it's clear that the police need to bring the person(s) responsible to justice soon before things get even worse.