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MLB All-Star Game Voting Results: Austin Jackson's Season 'Solid', But Not All-Star Worthy

There will be plenty of recognizable Detroit Tigers names at the 2012 All-Star Game with Prince Fielder, Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera all on the AL's squad.

Unfortunately, Austin Jackson was left off of the team and has been characterized by some as a 'snub' for the AL. Detroit Tigers blog Bless You Boys is unsurprised by Jackson being left off the team and is calling the snub 'notable, but not awful':

Jackson put together a pretty good rookie season, but stumbled badly in 2011 -- at least at the plate. And despite having the respect from a number of analysts -- and a Fielding Bible award to show for it -- Jackson's peers in the game haven't seemed to show great awareness of his glove. So when neither the fans nor the league selects him to play in the ASG, it can't come as a great surprise. If Jackson continues putting up great numbers next year and he's still ignored, then you've got a great complaint. Until then, I don't think it's the worst snub in history.

So far this season, Jackson has hit .323/.404/.529 with eight home runs and 35 RBI, career best numbers for this point in the season. His good year had the analysts on his side, but the votes just weren't there. If he keeps it up, it's a lot more likely he'll be a 2013 All-Star despite this year's supposed snub.

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