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Assistant GM Al Avila Says Detroit Tigers 'Likely Done' In Trade Market

It hasn't exactly been a remarkable trade season for the Detroit Tigers, but some moves have been made in the form of trading for second baseman Omar Infante and pitcher Anibal Sanchez.

According to Tigers assistant GM Al Avila, that might be the last that we hear of the team in the trade market before the deadline hits. reported his quotes:

"We're pretty much done," Avila told MLB Network Radio. "Our pitching staff is pretty much set as far as starters and relievers. And, our starting everyday lineup is pretty much set."

There are still some potential moves to be made, mainly in the middle infield where the Tigers have been linked with several different players. There will probably not be any big name moves though, with the Tigers currently tied for first place in the AL Central and, as Avila says, mostly set in terms of their starting lineup and pitching rotation.

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