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2012 Home Run Derby: Prince Fielder Enters Competition As Most Experienced Slugger

On Monday night, the 2012 Home Run Derby will take place at Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium and Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder will be entering the event as the player with the most experience. Participating in his fourth derby, as well as winning the 2009 event, Fielder is the most qualified of the contestants to share his thoughts on the slugging competition.

On Monday afternoon, Fielder did just that when he participated in the Home Run Derby press conference and explained what it was like to win the Derby. Via

"It was awesome. You've got these two [in reference to his children] behind me jumping up and down. It's just cool having your family out there, just seeing how it's just a good feeling, you know, especially when your family is here."

Every year, there is a great deal of discussion about players messing up their swings or hurting themselves from having to hit home runs. Fielder downplayed the issue.

I was a little sore after. You're a little sore sometimes. But it's fun. I don't know, it's not -- it's nothing that you should -- it doesn't hurt you too bad. It doesn't.

The derby will begin at 8 p.m. ET and will be televised on ESPN.

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